One more advice on how to gamble on hockey

Even though ice hockey betting had a difficult time, during the last few years it has become more popular, not only in North America, but also all around the world. So let’s check how to gain on it.

Hockey bets’ variety

There are dozens of types of hockey stakes. But for starters it’s enough to know 7 basic ones.

Gambling on the result

Betting on the result is the most popular in hockey. If you make stakes on the regulation time, including overtime and bullets, you’ll get 3 results but no draws can be counted. However remember that it’s a real lottery to win in bullets.

Total stakes

Here the main is to predict how many goals will be scored during the match by both teams or one of them. The total may be placed either for the regulation time at all or for a specific period. There are individual totals too.

Handicap ones

It’s highly popular among experienced bettors. You have to predict a number of goals which will be added to the final game result. There are half and integer handicaps. In the second case, gamester is insured – if his team loses or wins with a difference equal to the handicap, he’ll get a refund.

Long-term stakes

It’s about betting on the winner long before the championship ends. Such bets can also be called “futures”. Long-term gambling is for the most patient bettors, who know how to figure out all the probabilities both for a single game and the whole season.

Double result

To secure yourself, you may bet on win or draw (or against a draw) at the same time. It schematically looks like 1X for a win or draw of the first team, 2 X for a win or draw of the second one and 12 against a draw.

Bullets’ win

Once again, if you want to insure yourself, you should make a book on the win of the team, taking into account the bullets. Different bookmakers indicate such stakes variously.

Asian Handicap

It’s almost the same as betting on handicaps, but including halves and quarters. This is the most difficult type of betting to calculate, so that Asian forms are used mainly by experienced gambler. Generally the stake contains 2 outputs at once, with the amount divided into 2 equal halves. Therefore you win (or lose) either half or all of the sum.

So what should be taken into account?

Making a successful hockey bet is not easy, but possible. Remember that every match is unique, so there is no single perfect bet. The short description of such types of bets described in this article will definitely help you to puzzle out in hockey betting and its basics in general. Hockey staking requires an analytical approach. So think, analyze, gamble and win.