Hockey’s Ultimate Data Engine

PowerScout Hockey, a division of PowerScout Sports Inc., is the incorporation of its founders’ 30+ years of experience in NHL statistics research focused on winning.

Today, PowerScout has become the industry leader in optical tracking technology for hockey.  We work with NHL teams to provide the most advanced performance analysis ever made available in hockey.  This technology was pioneered in 1995 by our partners Prozone Sports who have set the standard in the performance analysis industry.  Prozone brought the technology to market for European ‘soccer’ (football) and have since worked with over 300 clubs and organizations worldwide, including the world’s top professional sports teams such as Real Madrid FC, Manchester United FC and Arsenal FC, to name a few.

Using state-of-the-art ultra high resolution Sony cameras combined with advanced proprietary software, this technology was adapted to hockey in 2013.  It tracks, tags and maps every player and puck location, providing the context to every single moment and virtually all ice-events in hockey.  Teams can measure strengths and weaknesses of players in all area of performance including fitness, passing, receiving, possession, shooting, and much more.  This will fundamentally change the way teams look at hockey.

NHL coaching staff, scouting staff and team management are provided with performance analysis on existing and prospect players, confirming their instincts and providing unbiased insights in ways that have never been possible before now – a first in the history of the NHL.