Betting on hockey: useful tips

Hockey is one of the most popular kind of sport in the United States and Canada while the NHL (National Hockey League) is considered to be its most significant competition in the world. So it’s not a surprise that bookmakers are incredibly interested in offering a heap of  odds on the matches. Here you can find some tips step by step on how to gain on hockey betting, using time proved strategies or developing new ones. 

Step 1: basics’ examination

Before making a bet, it’s necessary to puzzle out in this sport itself. For example, let’s describe what the NHL system is and how it functions.

The NHL is a professional league that hosts the best professional teams from the United States and Canada. The matches last 60 minutes, and are divided into 3 periods of 20 minutes each. Only 31 teams are allowed to participate in the competition; they are divided into Western and Eastern Conferences. In the regular season 82 games are usually held, after the top 8 from each conference meet in the playoffs to fight for an estimable prize called the Stanley Cup.

Step 2: general particularities

In fact, hockey is not much different from any other North American team sport, which includes several rounds and a large number of games to play. As a result, to make such sports bets demands to explore deeply the NHL structure, team composition, etc. Also, it’s worth mentioning that hockey is  the kind of sport where unexpected results tend to be more common than in other sports predictions.

Step 3: strategies for playing stakes

Here below you can find a short list of what should be dropped in with to create a scheme for successful hockey betting.


  1. Track the athletes’ rotation. The NHL, like all North American kinds of sport, hosts a large number of games every week. Therefore, the rotation of players in the lists is something quite common, thus you can gain or lose money on staking on the wrong or the right stickhandler.
  2. Pay special attention to the goalkeeper. In hockey, goalkeepers represent something like a life insurance for certain teams, and there are those who build the whole playing strategy around a well-covered net. Also the goalkeeper is the person who starts the game. In terms of rotation, and unlike other sports such as football, the position of the goalkeeper in hockey often undergoes rotation. So it’s important to know which goal minder is slated to participate in each match, besides there can be a big difference between a starter and a substitute.
  3. Mind on strait rivalry: The NHL is an extremely equal competition, matches usually end in a draw, and stickhandlers have to play extra time to define the winner. With the reference to hockey betting, it means that wins with a handicap or the ones with a goal difference are usually quite close on points.
  4. Analyse the statistics: The bookmakers’ odds are often based on the statistics  markers of different teams, that’s why it’s so important to create your own sport stats to compare them and thus make sure that bet offers are appropriate or not. There are plenty of websites specialized in hockey betting, where you can access wealth markers as well as prepared predictions. 

Step 4: manual on how to bet on hockey

To make bets on any hockey game, you  just need to access our favorite bookmaker and, once there, select the correct section and choose the competitions you want to bet on.

Step 5: types of hockey bets

Parimatch online betting cricketIn order to make stakes, the types of hockey bets must be explored. Here you can find the main ones. 

  1. Match Winner: Like in every kind of sport, predicting a match winner is the main bet. In this case, it is allowed to play stakes t on the winner during the regulation time, including extra periods.
  2. Period Winner: It is usually used to gamble on small teams, giving them the opportunity to win one of 3 periods of the match, even if the final victory will pertain to  the opponent.
  3. Omitting: It is one of the particularities of this violent sport. Thus, you can bet on the number of omittings, which will be applied to athletes at all, the number in each team or who will be omitted first in the match. In this setting, predicting how one or another team will react to an opponent’s suspension may be the key to successful prediction, especially when it comes to live hockey gambling.
  4. Handicap betting: As in other sports, handicap staking can be a good option while facing the game between two teams of extremely unequal level. However, as it;s been mentioned earlier, handicaps in hockey are quite short, because there is a great deal of equality among almost all teams.
  5. Goal bets: Here you can predict a certain number of goals in general, for goals that the team will score in the game or in some of the periods. It is the ordinary sports gambling offer, which is aimed at guessing who will  score more goals than the opponent.

Striking the balance: how to play hockey stakes successfully

To sum up, betting on hockey is not difficult at all. Keeping in mind the general rules of the game, the sport business apart and its features, taking into account the dissimilarity from other kinds of sport, you can effortlessly  play without any fear and win with pleasure. If you pay attention in advance to the condition and composition of the team, its position in the competition and, of course, the types of bets and odds offered by the bookmaker, a dream of  making big money just by enjoying watching your favorite hockey will become a reality. So don’t hesitate and start winning right here and right now.