Hockey in sport betting

Despite the popularity of this kind of sport in North America and Europe, bets on it still can’t reach the scale of similar sport stakes on soccer and tennis, as even bets on basketball and baseball. Talking about european dimension, the reason is the small quantity of the matches and its broadcasts respectively, in the US and Canada, hockey bets simply can not compete with the ones on baseball, football and basketball. As a result on many bookmakers’ sites all around the world, the upper limits on such bets are usually low, the margin is high enough too. So let’s puzzle out whether gambling on it is worth trying.

Hockey stakes: advantages

A large number of comebacks

Matches are traditionally marked by a large number of sensations and unexpected comebacks, for instance, when one of the teams rises from the ashes and wins in the match considered to be already lost. Such unpredictability frightens many sports bettors. At the same time, professional players who know how to make money on hockey, believe that it can be a real advantage. While applying a skillful approach, this feature allows you to win, including at high odds.

High frequency of matches

Just like basketball teams, hockey clubs hold their matches every two or three days, which allows you to be always aware of their current preparedness, as well as to monitor the psychological state and composition of teams. In addition, the high frequency of matches makes it suitable for qualitative statistical analysis, which is also one of the most obvious advantages of this kind of sport.

Gambling on hockey: disadvantages

Low broadcasting activity

However hockey matches (perhaps, except of the NHL) are streamed extremely locally, so that only a narrow circle of bettors can watch the game online. Fortunately, a good Internet connection solves the problem easily, but even high-speed Internet doesn’t allow to bypass the lag of live broadcasting, which makes sport live gambling on such matches quite difficult, and sometimes impossible. Moreover, not many bookmakers accept stakes on the course of such games.

Low rate limits and large margins

Though hockey’s rating is the highest, its upper limits of bets are traditionally modest, not including NHL matches, but even then the maximum amount available for staking in this case is always less than in the same NBA. Furthermore the hockey line is also subject to a fairly solid margin.


Conclusion: to bet or not to bet?

So hockey isn’t a simple sport for betting. In order to get profit, you should  find the streaming platforms or broadcasting channels  in advance and constantly monitor the teams, analyzing not only their wins and losses, but also the potential, changes in the composition, physical and psychological shape, etc. Measure thrice and cut once and fortune will smile to you.