Who we are

Our humble beginnings go back to the early 80’s meaning during our founder Terry Appleby’s award-winning board game called “National Pro Hockey”

To that end, we’ve been analyzing hockey data for over 30 years – with a focus on the “science of winning hockey” (i.e. finding the patterns exhibited by consistently successful teams).  Our research into every player and game sice 1997/98 season has yielded interesting trends over the 14,000 games, 12,000 skaters and 24,000 goaltending performances analyzed.

Through that work we have determined the importance of each position, as well as the different skills needed at each position. Our recent work has focused on analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of teams by role, and determining what priorities a team needs to address in order to start building their Championship team.


Our Core Values

Dependable:  We deliver on our promises to our colleagues, clients and stakeholders alike.

Supportive:  We love to help our team mates reach their goals, and allow them to help us reach ours.

Innovative:   We know that what we did yesterday won’t be good enough tomorrow.

Valuable:   We are fanatical about making our clients raving fans.

Driven:   We are passionate, dream big, and execute.


“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

Wayne Gretzky