Optical Tracking Services

The optical tracking system used by PowerScout is simply the easiest and most cost-effective solution for generating accurate player and puck locations during hockey games.

Our light-weight laptop system can be installed and used in almost any arena at any level of hockey where its specialized cameras capture player and puck x/y location coordinates multiple times per second.


  • Portable tracking solution using pocket-sized HD cameras
  • Can be installed in any size arena with any sized ice surface
  • Easy 30-minute set-up and calibration
  • Can provide a temporary or permanent installation
  • Does not need arena cabling or expensive installation costs
  • Can be calibrated, monitored and supported by our team remotely
  • Rugged travel case to handle any environment
  • Cameras can also provide additional high-resolution video sources for teams to use


  • Analyze games, practices, development, training camps, and combines