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September 9, 2014 – Ottawa TSN1200

“The Drive” – hosted by Ian Mendes & Shaun Simpson

Interview with James Mirtle on emerging NHL tracking technologies.


September 8, 2014 – The Globe and Mail, James Mirtle

Mirtle: Hockey’s analytics on the way to becoming advanced stats

…some [NHL] teams have been pushing to find an edge on their own, hoping to get out in front of the competition…  One company, PowerScout Hockey, has been working with several clubs using a demo from several games last year in the hopes they sign on for this season.  At least a half-dozen are believed to be seriously considering doing so…


August 25, 2014 – The Hockey News

Advancing Past Advanced Stats 

PowerScout, which has teamed up with tracking tech company ProZone Sports… had contracts with two NHL teams last season but recorded more than 50 games in 25 NHL and major junior rinks overall.  Using three Ultra-HD cameras, Appleby’s firm can set up in any rink, right down to midget games… The cameras track every action in the game and the raw data is filtered through a cloud-based portal called IceTrax.  The range of applications is stunning…


August 12, 2014 – Globe & Mail Newspaper

Oilers hiring move deepens league’s interest in analytics 

“There’s really been a tipping point this off-season,” said Marc Appleby, president of PowerScout Hockey, an Ottawa-based company that provides optical tracking technology and analytics, and is expected to add several NHL teams as clients this coming season.


August 6, 2014 – Tampa Bay Times

Lightning one of many teams using advanced stats

One prospective company, PowerScout Hockey, uses a three-camera system to track every player’s and the puck’s movement on the ice, with the computer picking up skating speed and distance skated, pass/shot and percentage, takeaways, shot attempts and a range of others…


August 4, 2014 – CBS 

Player tracking systems in NHL could advance how game is analyzed

Corsi and Fenwick, now used as proxies for possession, are unnecessary, according to Appleby. A player tracking system could give exact possession data. “This is kind of the holy grail,” Appleby said. “There’s nothing left to measure. This I think will fundamentally change the way that teams will look at (hockey).”


August 4, 2014 –

NHL player tracking is coming, and it looks like this

… Marc Appleby, the CEO of PowerScout Hockey, a company that has provided tracking data for individual NHL teams… The NHL is three years behind the NBA with regards to tracking data, according to Appleby. “We spent a lot of time trying to get the data,” Appleby said. “Now it’s time to get the people to analyze it.”


July 31, 2014 – FanSided (

NHL player tracking system in experimental phase

Marc Appleby is the president of PowerScout Hockey Inc, a company that purports to be able to track the action in a hockey game.


July 30, 2014 – Dallas Morning News

Stars GM Jim Nill engrossed in advanced statistics

PowerScout uses a three-camera system to track every player’s and the puck’s movement on the ice. With that data, PowerScout’s computer can deduce skating speed and distance skated, pass/shot speed and percentage, takeaways, shot attempts and a range of other analytics.


July 25, 2014 – BlueJackets Xtra

‘Moneyball’ thinking on rise among NHL teams

“It would measure where players are positioned when their team scores, where the other team scores, how fast a player is moving, how much better a player would have gone if a player was one foot to the left,” Tulsky said. “This is where it’s headed.”  One of those companies, PowerScout, has worked with the Blue Jackets on a limited basis the last few years.


May 10, 2014 –

Stubborn NHL takes step forward with plans to test new technology

“Ottawa’s PowerScout Hockey tested its portable camera system – borrowed from Prozone Sports in England, which focuses on soccer and rugby – in a total of 50 games in about half of the NHL’s arenas this season.  “The teams,” said PowerScout president Marc Appleby, “are blown away by the information.””


April 6, 2014 –

 The People Pushing the NHL Into the Advanced Stats Era

To do that, though, the NHL needs some type of automated tracking system. Some companies are trying to build one, and teams recognize what video analysis can offer. People in NHL front offices are enthusiastic about such systems’ potential and anticipate video tracking making a big impact in a few years.


December 22,

The Moneyball of the NHL

“Our research is based on winning, it helps teams make better decisions, (and) it helps fans understand what’s going on with their team or their players. “


January 3, 2012

Radio Interview with PowerScout Founder Marc Appleby – CHED 630AM Edmonton 


January 9, 2012

Radio Interview with PowerScout Founder Marc Appleby – CJOB 680AM Radio Winnipeg